Visa & immigration

The first step to a successful relocation is processing and coordinating visas. This process can be complicated and time consuming.


  • fill in the required forms
  • assist in obtaining and forwarding all necessary documents
  • coordinate and accompany to appointments
  • coordinate the individual steps in the process and keep an eye on deadlines
  • Örtlich erforderliche Anmeldung bei den Behörden

During the process, Palladium Mobility Group acts as a liaison between the relocating employee’s HR department and the related authorities.


  • Many years of experience in coordinating saves you costs and time
  • Integrated into the relocation process
  • Removes relocation expense risks which may arise without the required documents

Palladium Mobility group is one of the leading providers for nationwide authority visits. Our clients also include a large number of well-known immigration law firms.

In accordance with the German law governing legal advice and services

(RDG, section 2 subsection 1) our services do not include any legal advice.

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