Our Departure Service is designed to reduce the impact on our customer in regards to the move. We take care of all aspects of the move including the necessary notifications and deregistrations.

What is Includet

  • Support and consultancy with the notification of the rental contract
  • Negotiations with the landlord
  • Coordination and move management
  • Deregistration with local authorities
  • Organisation of mail forwarding
  • Deregistration with utility suppliers (electricity, telephone, TV/radio, etc.)
  • Cancellation of memberships, insurances and other relevant contracts
  • Organisation of renovation and/or refurbishing works – if necessary
  • Check and analysis of quotations and award of contract
  • Monitoring of due dates, due works and final acceptance
  • Final acceptance and completion of hand over inspection report
  • Check of invoices for renovation work
  • Check of final bills from suppliers
  • Monitoring of deposit refund


  • Support by our specialists who know the respective rental laws
  • Reduction of administrative efforts for your employee
  • All relevant deregistrations are taken care of

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