Tenancy Management

If your company manages multiple tenancies as part of a relocation program, it can be a very strenuous task. For the relocating employee, dealing with workers, suppliers and leases is an unwelcome and time-consuming distraction as well. Palladium Mobility Group offers a tenancy management service that reduces the impact on both you and your relocating employees.
We provide full support throughout the tenancy period, assisting with lease negotiations, renovation work and other issues as they arise. Payment plans allow you to monitor and control your expenditures at all times.


  • Lease negotiations and renewal/extension of contract
  • Arranged payment of deposits
  • Utility connections
  • Payment of monthly utility bills
  • Inventory check-in and check-out
  • Management of dates for renovation work
  • Notification of lease renewal dates
  • Monitoring of security deposit refund


  • Reduces administrative work for your company and your relocating employee
  • Ensures your relocating employee is cared for
  • Increases the number of security deposits that are refunded 
  • Payments are managed and costs reduced

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