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Relocation Service Stuttgart

In Stuttgart, Palladium Mobility Group supports you with relocation services such as home search or finding the right school for your children. We’re at your side during the visits to the authorities and give you valuable tips and advice when you’re new in Stuttgart.

With 600,000 inhabitants, Stuttgart is the largest city in Baden-Wurttemberg and at the same time its capital. The metropolitan region counts as many as 2.7 million inhabitants.

Stuttgart is most famous for the name Merceds-Benz. 125 years ago, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz almost simultaneously invented the first motorized vehicle here. Even today, the companies Mercedes-Benz and Porsche still have their headquarters in Stuttgart, as well as production sites and museums.

Stuttgart has many park areas in the city and even vineyards, but also cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and architecture.

The housing market in Stuttgart is very varied due to the automobile industry and the supplier companies. Monthly net rents are currently around 9 EUR per sqm.