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Relocation Service MUNICH

In Munich, Palladium Mobility Group supports you with relocation services such as home search or finding the right school for your children. We’re at your side during the visits to the authorities and give you valuable tips and advice when you’re new in Munich.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany’s largest and wealthiest federal state. With over 1.4 million inhabitants, Munich is the largest city in Bavaria and the third largest in Germany.

Even though the city’s silhouette does not resemble a typical metropolitan skyline, Munich is economically one of the most successful and fastest growing cities in Germany. Many corporations and insurance companies are located here resulting in a tight rental market that often makes home finding very difficult. Monthly rents can easily be around 15-18 EUR (and more) per sqm making Munich one of the most expensive cities in Germany – but at the same time it is also one of the most attractive cities.

The large areas of green space and inner-city parks as well as the close mountains and lakes for hiking and skiing largely add to Munich’s high quality of life.

World-renowned museums, galleries and famous buildings as well as international events, trade fairs and the Oktoberfest attract a high number of visitors every year.