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In Dresden, Palladium Mobility Group supports you with relocation services such as home search or finding the right school for your children. We’re at your side during the visits to the authorities and give you valuable tips and advice when you’re new in Dresden.

Dresden has over half a million inhabitants and is – after Leipzig – the second-largest town in Saxony. The metropolitan area around Dresden is one of the economically most dynamic regions in Germany: With its innovations and high technology, it plays a major role in the fields of information technology and nanoelectronics worldwide and has established itself as the center of “Silicon Saxony”, a trade association and network of 300 companies from the semiconductor, electronic, microsystems and software industries. Other successful industries in the area are pharmacy, cosmetics, mechanical engineering, food, optics and tourism.

Dresden is especially famous for its historical center which was largely reconstructed featuring the Frauenkirche, the Semperoper and the Zwinger. Dresden’s Christmas market first took place in 1434 and is one of the most famous in Germany.

The housing market in Dresden is a lot less tight than in other German cities – as far as supply as well as prices (ranging around 8 EUR per sqm) are concerned.